Alumni Hall of Fame

Before nominating someone to the North Salem High School Hall of Fame, please read the qualifications below.

Award Year WinnerGrad Year or PositionAwardBio
2006Bruce King1952Achievement Award Bio
2006Dr. Edward A. Knapp1950Achievement Award Bio
2006Jean Moore Williams1938Achievement Award Bio
2006Wallace B. Carson, Jr.1952Achievement Award Bio
2006Claudette Groenendaal1981Athletics Award Bio
2006John McArdle1975Athletics Award Bio
2006Larry Mahan1962Athletics Award Bio
2006Malcolm Snider1965Athletics Award Bio
2006Amory “Slats” Gill1920Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2006Edith Starrett Green1927Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2006Mark O. Hatfield1940Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2006Mary Eyre1914Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2006Dorothy PatchTeacherService Award Bio
2006Lou LittlejohnTeacher/Coach/Athletic
Service Award Bio
2006Paul HalsorTeacher/CoachService Award Bio
2006Tom Pickens1954Service Award Bio
2007Carlos ‘Cub’ Houck1948Achievement Award Bio
2007Sasha Spencer1997Athletics Award Bio
2007Dr. Donald Crothers1954Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2007Edmund CarltonPrincipalService Award Bio
2008Ralph Waldo Barnes1918Achievement Award Bio
2008Michael Ritchey1983Athletics Award Bio
2008Thomas Bartlett1947Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2008Harold HaukTeacher/CoachService Award Bio
2009Reid Shelton1942Achievement Award Bio
2009Gib Gilmore1965Athletics Award Bio
2009Sandra Klein (Fischer Ellston)1967Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2009Don SchaeferTeacher/CoachService Award Bio
2010Steve Chambers1962Achievement Award Bio
2010North Salem High Baseball Team1967Athletics Award Bio
2010Orville Roth1952Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2010Vernon GilmoreTeacher/CoachService Award Bio
2012Mary Lou Zeek1971Achievement Award Bio
2012Audrey Luna1996Achievement Award Bio
2012NSH Girls’ Track and Field1997Athletics Award Bio
2012Jed Lowrie2002Athletics Award Bio
2012J. Warren Carkin1940Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2012Bruce Michels1954Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2012Stewart Leek1938Service Bio
2012Hollis HuntingtonTeacher/CoachService Bio
2013Richard (Dick) Hornaday1953Achievement Award Bio
2013Bobak Mohammadi1990Athletics Award Bio
2013Ava Helen Miller Pauling1921Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2013Jeaneen GannTeacher/CoachService Bio
2014Gary L. June1980Achievement Award Bio
2014Grant Harter1959Athletics Award Bio
2014Janet Taylor1960Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2014Jon YoderTeacher/Coach/District
Science Coordinator
Service Bio
2015Joanne (Fabry) Wilkie1952Achievement Award Bio
2015Pat Fitzsimons1969Athletics Award Bio
2015Homer Wood1959Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2015Carl ShinkleTeacherService Bio
2016Carrie Halsell Ward1921Achievement Award Bio
2016Doug Brown1964Athletics Award Bio
2016David Chambers1961Distinguished Lifetime Bio
2016James C. NelsonPrincipalService Bio

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